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#9 fixed information request on the foundry fws 648G martenv jelledj

request for information on the foundry fws 648G like datasheet default serial interface layout and baundrate etcetera

I did found some analogue papers in the nek documentation :)

I want to configure vlans and link aggregation, via serial and ssh.

#4 fixed getting the base network event kit equipement jelledj jelledj

arranging and bringing the nek to my place so it can be installed, set-up, and tested before going to the hhs.

  • need to get additional equipment insurance via vincentva
#7 fixed flumotion video streaming appiance port forwarding jelledj jelledj

Just had contact with the flumotion engineers over irc on #guadec

zaheerm: zaheerm: elmarco: xquaralt: send all email about guadec network to mail from the domain is allowed

I received an other mail from Puneet Sangal that I will answer a.s.a.p. and cc to

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