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#3 fixed notification boards for network status brucevdk jelledj

notification boards om aan te geven wat de status van het netwerk is, iemand moet met de borden een rondje kunnen lopen en daarna op een hoog zichtbare plek kunnen neerleggen of ophangen.

green -> network operational orange -> network testing red -> network down

#11 fixed setup of core gigabit swithces jelledj jelledj

configuration of a core switch for 802.1q vlans and 802.3ad link aggregating.

some form of core switch needs to be ready on Friday and performance core switch needs to be ready on Monday.


  1. vlan2 non-tagged management vlan
  2. vlan3 tagged bridged wlan network
  3. vlan4 non-tagged flumotion network
  4. vlan5 non-tagged speaker network
  5. vlan6 non-tagged guadec and speaker rooms
  6. vlan7 tagged management for switches
  7. 802.3ad 2GB to network server appliance01
  8. 802.3ad 2GB to network server appliance02 failover
  9. 802.3ad 2GB to network access switch01 for alix access points
  10. 802.3ad 2GB to network access switch02 for alix access points
#10 fixed setup of firewall, dhcp, iptable, bind, routing network appliance jelledj jelledj

set-up of 19" dual alix network appliance for network testing.

the appliance should be ready to use next Friday


  1. route2
  2. iptables
  3. bind9
  4. dhcp3-server
  5. 802.3ad link aggregating
  6. 802.1q vlans
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