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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Recruit volunteers for network prep brucevdk task major utp cable plan cable laying team
#3 notification boards for network status brucevdk task major working end-user notification end-user notification
#4 getting the base network event kit equipement jelledj task major list of hardware resources accespoints
#5 eerste test data uplink hhs met laptop brucevdk task major working data uplink hhs data uplink
#6 gaffer tape ophalen van embden rotterdam iljak defect major list of cable resources utp cables
#7 flumotion video streaming appiance port forwarding jelledj task major working flumotion video streaming firewall configuration
#9 information request on the foundry fws 648G martenv task major working core switch foundry switches
#11 setup of core gigabit swithces jelledj task major baseline networking functionality core switches
#12 alix systems as accespoint operational with debian iljak task major baseline networking functionality accespoints
#16 stukkken hout om de deur tegen te houden bij dichtgaan voor kabels brucevdk task major list of cable resources utp cables
#10 setup of firewall, dhcp, iptable, bind, routing network appliance jelledj task minor baseline networking functionality network server
#15 aanschaffen stroomverlengkabels brucevdk task minor list of cable resources power resources
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